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The company established the board of directors in accordance with the law, the board is the decision making body of the company. The board of directors assumes overall responsibility, and the general manager takes full responsibility of the company’s management.

Investment Decision Committee

The Investment Decision Committee is responsible for making the final decision on all investment decisions. An Investment Decision Meeting is required for all investments. Approval by the Company Investment Decision Committee is required, and the approval is according to the voting system. The Chairman of the board of directors is also the Chairman of the Investment Decision Committee and has veto power.

Risk Control Committee

Company Risk Control Committee is the company's risk control mechanism of all investment decisions. Senior lawyers, accountants, and investment expert form the committee. At the moment, the company’s full time lawyer is serving as the director of the risk control committee, and there is one permanent member and four external consultants in the committee.

Investment and Asset Management Department

The Investment and Asset Management Department is responsible for searching investment opportunities, producing due diligence reports, conducting negotiations, formulating an investment plan and relevant documentation, managing post-investment project operations, and managing exit strategy. There are currently are 10 investment professionals working in this department.

Fund Management Department


The fund management department is in charge of the funds’ overall management. It is responsible for a series of professional fund project plan, fund raising, fund public relations, and management after the establishment of the fund and LP relationship management.

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