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The following list contains only part of the company’s resources:

1、Brokerage & Investment Banking
Guosen securities
Changjiang Securities
Huarong Securities

GF Securities

Guangzhou Securities

European and US Banks and investment institutions which are connected through the Rothschild family and Leonardo Bank.

2、Cooperation in the Same Business
Hony Capital
Legend Capital
Fuho Capital
The Hina Group
Zhongrong Trust

3、Service Agencies
Grandall Law Firm global networks
Pan-China Certified Public Accountants

Ernst & Young

Deloitte (China)
Shenzhen Huarong Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.

4、Corporate Sponsors
Haier Group 
BYD Company
Dongda Group
Suneast Group
Kunming Pharma Corp

Kunming Iron and Steel GroupAnd, more than 100 invested Chinese and overseas listed companies.


 Hubei Bank

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